Tongue bleeding when taking plavix

The Bleeding sur Amazon Many patients rely on Plavix as a preventative medication against blood clots after a stroke or heart attack. Bleeding

Plavix bleeding - MedHelp It also is taken by patients who have a particular type of heart disorder or disorders of the blood vessels, as well as a variesty of other medical purposes. I have been taking Plavix 75 MG daily. A recent plavix test showed it was not helping. Now my PA has me on 150 MG Plavix. I really bleed when scratched now. Should I take the Plavix test again to see if the increased dossage is working?

Plavix Side Effects When Taking Plavix we moved to new hampshire 2 years ago & his caardiologist wants to stop his plavix... Important Plavix Information. Since Plavix keeps the blood from clotting it also makes bleeding much more profuse. Consume a full glass of water when taking you have face, tongue, lip or throat swelling, difficult breathing, or hives, stop taking Plavix immediately.

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